Unfortunately, we are not accepting Medicare, but are happy to provide care for Medicare eligible patients with all of the personal attention you deserve.

Medicare patients will be offered services on a simple, time based fee schedule with a discount given for payment on the day of service.  As a Medicare patient you will need to pay our office in full at the time of service and will not be able to claim any reimbursement from Medicare for our services.

Medicare patients who choose to contract privately with us for our health care services DO NOT relinquish any of their other benefits such as prescription benefits, hospital and lab service coverage, or eligibility to use their Medicare coverage when seeing other providers/specialists.

Patients of course have the option to seek care from a physician participating in Medicare. Should you chose that route our office will be happy to assist you in locating a provider or transferring your care.

Why not accept Medicare? For the past several years, Medicare payment rates for physician services have been frozen while the cost of running a medical practice, such as staff, office space and insurance have steadily increased. Making matters worse, Medicare payment rates for physicians are scheduled to be cut by 24% every January, with uncertain emergency stop gap legislation passing after a delay every year for the last 17 years. Accepting Medicare requires compliance onerous regulatory oversight and unique filing requirements that compound the expense of working with an already poor contract.

We deeply regret any trouble this policy causes you. Should you wish to let Congress know your feelings about the broken Medicare payment system, please visit the American Medical Association’s campaign website for the latest information on reforming the Medicare physician payment system.

Local providers accepting medicare include:

Ten Mile Family Medicine            

Byers Peak Family Medicine      

Denver Health East Grand Community Clinic        

Middle Park Medical Center