Seborhheic Keratoses

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASeborrheic keratoses start as small, rough bumps. They slowly thicken and often develop a warty surface. They range in color from white to tan, brown or gray.  These common skin lesions can look threatening but are not cancerous and are easily treated.

Actinic Keratosis

Actinic KeratosisActinic keratosis refers to small rough or scaly spots that usually they start on the face, ears, backs of the hands, and arms. They are caused by sun damage and can be easily treated to prevent progression to squamous cell carcinoma.

Squamous Cell Carcinomas

Squamous Cell CarcinomaSquamous cell carcinomas are superficial skin cancers that look like growing lumps, often with a rough, scaly, or crusted surface. They may also look like flat reddish patches in the skin that grow slowly.

Basal Cell Carcinomas

Basal Cell CarcinomaBasal cell carcinomas often look like flat, firm, pale areas or small, raised, pink or red, translucent, shiny, pearly bumps that may bleed after a minor injury. They may have one or more abnormal blood vessels, a lower area in their center. Large basal cell carcinomas may have oozing or crusted areas.