As physicians trained in Family Medicine we care for all ages and specialize in preventative care and the management of common problems. A more detailed description is offered below. We hope to be your Medical Home!

Women’s Health Care

Women’s health is a central part of our practice. We are happy to provide gynecology services such as annual exams, contraception, IUD placement/removal, abnormal pap smear management and colposcopy. We coordinate the evaluation of breast masses, manage hormone replacement and ensure comprehensive general preventative care.


Prenatal Care and Obstetrics

Providing for prenatal care and delivery is one of the most rewarding parts of our practice. Dr. Lampey has 15 years of experience in advanced obstetrics including delivery by cesarean section. Dr. Lampey’s philosophy is to provide expectant mothers as much freedom and support as possible to shape their pregnancy and delivery experience while maintaining the highest standards of evidence driven medical care. Her passion and genuine concern are abundantly evident in the attention she brings to our expecting families.


Newborn Care

Both Dr. Barry and Lampey love to welcome newborns to our practice, whether delivered by Dr. Lampey or another provider. We can follow up on common issues such as the possible need for oxygen at altitude, feeding issues, jaundice, circumcision and umbilical care. We will ensure a smooth transition into routine well child preventative care.


Preventative and Well Care

As Family Physicians Dr. Barry and Dr. Lampey are specialists in preventative care. We are happy to review screening lab test and studies you may have had elsewhere. An annual preventative care or well person exam is a great way to become established in our practice and ensure you have done everything appropriate to stay well in the years to come.


Non-Operative Orthopedic Care

We provide care for acute illness and injuries. Same day and walk-in appointments are available, We have X-ray and basic laboratory services on site. We understand how uncertain visitors can feel when seeking care away from home, and offer our guests the same attentive and compassionate care we provide or established patients.

Adult Internal Medicine and Chronic Illness

Dr. Barry and Dr. Lampey embrace the challenges of managing chronic conditions such as Asthma, Hypertension, High Cholesterol, Thyroid Disease, Coronary Disease and Diabetes. If your care needs require specialty assistance we are adept at coordinating care among multiple providers.



Our pediatric practice encompasses preventative care and routine vaccinations and allows for evaluation of illness and minor injuries. We offer open access scheduling and same day appointments, and will always be available to look at an ear infection or check for strep throat. We are happy to conduct daycare/camp/sports exams, and are committed to the idea that no child will miss out on activities due to the expense of pre-participation exams.


Non-Surgical Orthopedic Care

We have X-ray services and orthopedic supplies on site to manage sprains, strains and minor fractures. We enjoy sports medicine, and coordinate care with orthopedists and therapists.


Laceration Repair

Injuries are sometimes frightening and we are here to help. We repair lacerations and sometimes add insult to injury by updating your tetanus vaccine too.


Altitude Illness

Acute Mountain Sickness with disturbed sleep, malaise, headache and nausea, or High Altitude Pulmonary Edema with progressive shortness of breath can be dangerous and can ruin a vacation. We are experienced in evaluating and treating both, and can help you prevent these symptoms on future trips.


General and Cosmetic Dermatology

Our general dermatology practice includes skin cancer screening, skin biopsies, treatment of acne, eczema and psoriasis, and the treatment of warts. Our interest in skin care has also lead to the practice of cosmetic dermatology. Click here to learn more about Botox, Fillers, and Obagi cosmetic products


Allergy Injections

Travel to an Immunology office can be a burden. If you need allergy injections we can work with your Allergist to provide you desensitization series at our office.


Administrative Care

We provide Sports Pre-Participation Exams, Camp Physicals, and Pre-Employment Exams. Dr. Barry is registered with the NRCME to provide Commercial Driver’s License (DOT) Exams


Health and Life Insurance Exams

We are happy to conduct health and life insurance enrollment exams.